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10 steps to increase your productivity in the studio

Producing music is a very delicate thing. Some are inspired by surrounding sounds of nature, some from listening to different genres of non-electronic music and so on. Overall It's all about feeling comfortable and relaxed and concentrated on music.

Prepare your room

1) Now, your room is your workspace, yes, but it is also the place where you must feel comfortable to work. So you have to create a positive environment. So it's up to you: how clean it must be, how much light do you prefer, where you put some objects. Talking of objects. Whatever you place in that room, make sure it won't distract you from your main thing - creating music.

2) Distractions - enemy number one. Take all your phones and pads and all the rest of it... turn it all off and lock it up somewhere. You don't need it. No internet. Yes, you're reading this right. No internet. Endless notifications will just drive you nuts. If you're not living alone - ask your cohabitants not to disturb you. Also make sure you're not having guests, ‘cause they're not a big help if you are not collaborating with them.

3) Let's talk about how you'll place the equipment in your room to make it more acoustic. Once you've placed it - it's a studio. Here are some advices that will make your life easier in that regard.

- have some soft furniture in the room.. an armchair or a sofa. get a rug if you can. these things are good for sound absorption.
- also put some wooden furniture in the corners of the room... like a bookshelf, nightstand...
- place your sound monitors on your left and right side and make sure your position is in exactly the middle between them. Also be sure to place monitors a bit further from the wall. (picture)
- build a sound diffuser.
- get acoustic foam within your budget
and a little bonus
- chair. get a comfy chair that won't fuck up your back and won't rock your ass to sleep.
All these thing are important to get the most out of your equipment and the room and you'll have to do most of these things only once.

Be organised and smartly equipped

4) Don’t waste your money on useless toys. Before adding new equipment to the ones you already have - make sure you really need it. It's very tempting to go and get the latest hottest shiniest gear, but before do you it ask yourself, are you ready to get spendy for something you might not need? Are you sure the equipment you already have won't produce what you want? So before making that money spending decision - you better learn the gear you already own. Learn everything there is to learn about it. Here are 5 most effective ways to learn Ableton Live. Also experiment with it. And if after doing all that you still think you need that fresh and shiny toy - go - spend the money you were saving for your vacation on Ibiza or even better Berlin.

5) Time is always an enemy. There's always too little of it. So to save time you must optimize your workflow and make your working files as accessible as you can.

- organize your working files
- organise your sounds and plugins
- label the tracks, so you can find them quickly.
- make templates including basic tools you use when starting projects

6) Add a second screen. Don't waste your time looking for some hidden layers. Bring it all out. Use 2 screens. You'll thank yourself.

7) Use shortcuts. Spend some time and learn the shortcuts of the DAW you're using. It'll be a great time saver. Here is an ultimate list of Ableton Live's shortcuts.

Unlock your creativity

8) If you want your mind and body be on the same team with your desire of becoming a successful producer - you must take care of yourself. Eat and drink and even meditate or even better... go for a walk or run or hit the gym.

9) Plan your time accurately. Decide how much time are you going to spend working. Whether it's 1 hour or more - you must know your limits. Never force it. Do it naturally or you'll hate the results of your "work". And don't overdo it. Relax, shut the whole thing down, get some rest, sleep and come back later with fresh mind and ideas.

10) Be creative yet hardworking. Don't limit yourself with things like deadlines and such... Don't criticise your track from some meaningless point of view. Work on every aspect of your track as much as it needs to get the sound you've had in your mind, when you've decided to sit down and create it. Don’t be lazy!

Got any questions on this subject? Hit me up.

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