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5 most effective ways to learn Ableton Live

Whenever we buy a new software, first thing that we're thinking is "how fast can I learn this?". Well, it depends. You want it fast or you want it thorough? If you want it fast, just learn a trick or two and you're done. You know it. Sort of. Happy? Don't think so. If you really want to learn it - you'll have to have a patience and determination. Learning something new always takes time. Learning something new musical - takes even more time, because it's much more complicated. But don't worry, we've got you covered. We have 5 ways to suggest for you to learn Ableton Live properly and fast. Choose one (or two... or all) and dig in.

Now that you've set up your room comfy and cool like we've suggested here - you must focus on figuring it out. Because otherwise you won't get anywhere and might just give it up right now. Take it seriously or don't waste your time. And on that positive note - here are 5 ways to learn Ableton Live.

Before anything else, we’d like to say a few words about Ableton’s Music Learning lessons. They’ve come up with an interactive platform that shows you - in details - how you can create a piece of music by just pushing buttons in your browser. Trying this thing out will give you a very basic idea of what a music track consists of. It’s also a lot of fun. Be honest… you all like pushing buttons with only one question in mind - “what’s this button do?”. Well, push and see.

1. Books, including Ableton Live’s User Manual

Live’s User Manual is the best book to be honest. It’s a bit dull, but on the other hand it contains no bullshit. Anyway, there are tons of books on Ableton Live. They vary from "for the beginners" to "advanced" and there are always lots of versions from different authors. You'll say reading books isn't a fast way. Well, let's agree to disagree here, ok? Look, if you read the book thoroughly you'll find that almost everything you need is there. You'll get most (if not all) of the answers to your questions about the software you want to use. The rest comes with practice.

2. Research and video tutorials.

This method will take much longer time if you're a newbie, but it will work just fine if you already have some basic knowledge of Ableton Live. But to be honest that poking in the sky and hoping you'll hit the right thing isn't going to be the wisest choice of yours. You're going to visit endless forums, groups, blogs, speak to many people asking for an advice and tutorial videos. There are loads of them. Just google it. You can learn a lot from watching these videos on various subjects, like mastering or mixing or even getting started with Ableton Live. They aren't that long, usually 10-15 minutes each, and they show you everything you need to know. Also you can combine this with reading books and read some topics and watch videos related to the subject you’re studying at the moment.

3. Online music Schools.

This is probably most expensive way to learn Ableton Live. It has many advantages though. You’ll get a tutor explaining you all the aspects of learning Ableton Live. Timing is more convenient and flexible. If you can afford it - it’s one of the best ways to learn… anything really. One of the best online schools is Point Black which we highly recommend as the most creative place to learn music making. Off course there are many other great schools you can chose from, but the main point is - learning from a professional who’s always ready to answer your questions, push you in the right direction, show you the best way of making music - is priceless. So, again, if you can afford it - go for it.

4. Collaboration.

Well, we call it a collaboration but the basic idea is this. You just get your musical fellow minds to come over to your home studio and work on some ideas together.. There’s also the Splice, which gives people an opportunity to collaborate online.

It’s really helpful as you can work on the same track with friends who live thousands of miles away… What's the saying? Two heads are better than one. Well then, get as many heads as you need to make the learning process fun. Organise group meetings, have discussions, share what you already know with others.

5. Reverse engineering.

We at give you the best way of learning Ableton Live. First of all, what is reverse engineering?

Just imagine seeing how was your favourite track created from the inside. This brought us an idea - to include project templates in all our products, so while you get our awesome sound packs, you also receive awesome project templates with an attached user guides. Simply follow the steps in the guide, take it apart and see how things work.

Have questions or thoughts on this subject? Contact us.

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