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5 most effective ways to learn Ableton Live

Whenever we buy a new software, first thing that we're thinking is "how fast can I learn this?". Well, it depends. You want it fast or you want it thorough? If you want it fast, just learn a trick or two and you're done. You know it. Sort of. Happy? Don't think so.

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10 steps to increase your productivity in the studio

Producing music is a very delicate thing. Some are inspired by surrounding sounds of nature, some from listening to different genres of non-electronic music and so on. Overall It's all about feeling comfortable and relaxed and concentrated on music.

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Hidden "Ableton Live" features, that will make your work more productive

Every user of a computer program wants the same. Minimum complexity and maximum productivity. The main reason of complexity is the messed up interface. There are other reasons but that's enemy number one.

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How to humanize your drums using “Groove Pool” in Ableton Live

With drum machines and samplers development the “swing” was introduced into music and had (and still has) a huge impact on electronic music production.

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How to make effective promo and demo submissions

Recently I’ve noticed couple of topics on my FB timeline, which were about the characteristics of good labels and artists. In both cases the most important thing is the quality of the release catalogue they publish.

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Ultimate list of tools for promoting your music

Tools we love and use daily to promote our music and stay more organized.

We are so confident in quality of our sound libraries that we decided to make the tester pack for Groovers Vol. 1 available for free downloading. Though it only features about 10% of what’s included Groovers Vol. 1, it’s bigger then most sample packs you can find in Beatport Sounds and Loopmasters. It features more then 300 sounds, including 148 drum shots, 59 drum loops, 40 synth loops, 35 vocals and 25 fxs.
To celebrate our launch we are doing a mobile studio giveaway, which consists of an Ableton Push 2, a pair of Beyerdynamic DT770 pro 32ohm headphones, and Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 audio interface (total value of $1350).
Here are the 3 rules to enter:
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Winner will be announced via email, Facebook and our Website on May 31st!