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Hidden "Ableton Live" features, that will make your work more productive

Every user of a computer program wants the same. Minimum complexity and maximum productivity. The main reason of complexity is the messed up interface. There are other reasons but that's enemy number one. Thank Apollo (Greek God of Music) Ableton doesn't have that problem.
But what about productivity? Well, there are some tips and tricks we think might be useful and we'd like to share with you.
Here goes.

Turns out, in addition to all the great features that Ableton Live (starting with version 7 and higher) has, there are also some amazing hidden features that you can access through the Options.txt file. So we're going to talk about Options.txt file and all the commands you can add to it to make your work in Ableton Live more productive. Just follow the instructions.

First of all you must create that Option.txt file.

If you're using a MAC OS X create it in this folder:
/Users/username/Library/Preferences/Ableton/Live x.x.x/

If you're using a PC and your system is Windows 7 or 8 or 10 then:
\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Ableton\Live x.x.x\Preferences\

Ok, so keep in mind some rules about Options.txt
1. You can activate many commands, but each command requires a line of it's own. In short - one command per line.
2. The word formatting - no word formatting. Simple plain text.
3. To activate the command you must enter it in Options.txt file, save it, then restart your DAW.


By Enabling this you’ll be able to view all the instruments and plugins on each track from the mixer in the Session View.

Command: -ShowDeviceSlots


Disables Ableton Live's ReWire master functionality
Command: -ReWireMasterOff


Number of ReWire channels appearing in the ReWire master when Ableton Live runs as ReWire slave.
Default = 16 Min = 0 Max = 64
Be sure to choose an even number of channels.
Command example: -ReWireChannels=32


If a plugin has a number of less or equal than X parameters it will auto-populate the plugin parameter list
Default = 32 Min = 1 Max = 128
"-1" will always populate the list with max. 128 parameters, regardless how many parameters the plugin has.
Regardless how many parameters the plugin has, “-1” will always populate the list with max.
Command: -_PluginAutoPopulateThreshold=64


When recording automation data, Ableton Live will smooth the recorded data with a pre-defined value.
The default value is = 0.45
Higher value = more breakpoints eliminated.
Command: -ThinningAggressiveness=0.7


Deactivate the APC combination mode: don't align and sync the session rings of multiple APCs so they can be moved independently.
If you want the session rings of multiple APCs move independently - deactivate the APC combination mode.
Supported since: 8.1.4
Command: -DontCombineAPCs


Alternative mouse mode without resetting mouse position - useful for tablets, touch screens, remote desk etc.
This command is useful for touch screens, tablets and so on. It’s an alternative mouse mode without resetting mouse position.
Supported since: 8.1
Command: -AbsoluteMouseMode


This option solves a problem with certain VST Plugins (like NI's Reaktor), where keyboard data does not reach the plugin.
Several VST Plugins, like NI Reaktor for example, have some issues with keyboards. This will solve that problem.
Supported since: 7.0.2b3
This one is for PC only!
Command: -_EnsureKeyMessagesForPlugins


0=Off, 1=On – Enables Map to All Siblings and Copy Value to All Siblings Options in right click menu.
Command: -EnableMapToSiblings=1


This makes the mapping range minimum value of the setting being mapped to the value you mapped it at instead of mapping it to the lowest setting possible.
Command: -AutoAdjustMacroMappingRange


This Disables the VST SCAN on startup of Ableton. Depending on how you have your VSTs installed (for example everything installed to C:\Program Files
Command: -NoVstStartupScan


This disables Auto Arming on new tracks when they are created. Very nice for adding tracks while recording at the same time and much more.
Command: -NoAutoArming


Auto Arms any track when selected.
Command: -EnableArmOnSelection

So that's that for now. Use these well, and see you next time.

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